Does your compost bucket get a bit ripe? We’ve outlined our solution with these ‘Tips to prevent compost odor’.

Tip #1. Cover and absorb the odor.

The smelliest stuff is rich in nitrogen, which bacteria love to feast on. So, cover nitrogen-rich stuff (food scraps, coffee grounds, etc.) with carbon-rich material (newspaper, leaves, torn up cardboard). The carbon-rich paper products or leaves absorb much of the smell and slow down anaerobic bacterial decomposition.

Tip #2. Set, don’t seal.

Rather than sealing up your bucket lid, gently set the lid on top. This allows air to get in and prevents anaerobic bacteria from stinking up your bucket.

Tip #3. Keep your compost bucket cool.

Don’t let your bucket get too hot. In the summer, store your bucket in a pantry rather than outside or in the garage. Heat speeds up bacterial activity and makes your bucket get smelly faster. Ever hung out around a dumpster in the summer? No? Well there’s probably a good reason for that! Keep your bucket cool and smellin’ fresh.

We hope that by sharing these tips to prevent compost odor you can get back to enjoying some much appreciated, fresh air.

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