Did you know at least 30% of what goes into our local landfills is compostable kitchen and yard waste?


Compost Carpool provides an option for residents and businesses to divert food from landfills and support urban farms. We offer two subscription options. Community drop off and porch pick-up. When you join the carpool, you’ll get a welcome kit that includes a bucket and instructions on what you can compost. Then, simply collect waste during the week. We will pick it up and leave you with a fresh bucket, or you can drop it off and exchange your full bucket for a new one. Leave the rest to us!  You will receive 2 bags of finished compost yearly.

Visit our commercial page commercial page to learn more about larger scale composting and diversion opportunities to support local food pantries.



Join online or visit us at one of our weekly community drop-off locations where you can pick up your bucket and welcome kit.



Fill your bucket each week with compostables like fruit and veggie scraps, coffee grounds, eggshells, shredded paper, etc.



Or you can drop it off! We weigh your full bucket and exchange it for a new one. Then, we transport and donate the compostables to local farms and community gardens.

When you join, you’ll enjoy tips, tricks and gifts on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle as part of the ride. Plus, you’ll get compost back 2x yearly!


Have you ever thought about how many pumpkins end up in landfills every year? WE HAVE! Each year, millions of pumpkins get tossed into landfills and are often submerged under multiple layers of non- organic waste. When this happens, the pumpkins don’t have access to oxygen. This results in the creation of methane, a harmful gas that is 25 times more harmful to our atmosphere than CO2.

This year we are partnering with Porches and More for zero waste fall decorating! They decorate, we compost🌱

Check out their website to learn more.