Reduce your business’s environmental impact…

Whether you are a small coffee shop, a restaurant or large grocery chain, we have solutions fo waste minimization, reduce overall organic waste, reduce disposal costs and help you increase your sustainable operations.


How it works

We will work with you to customize the best solution for your business.  We offer two main models:

  1. Regular pick-up of pre-consumer food waste:  We provide bins, staff training and will work with you on a pickup schedule that best meets your needs.  Pricing is based on volume and frequency of pick-up.
  2. We have partnered with Ecorich for on-site composting solutions:  This is the most efficient method for businesses like grocery stores, restaurants and other locations that produce large quantities of food waste.  We work with cities and property managers on any permits and code requirements, oversee the installation, handle regular maintenance, and provide staff training.  We will service the machines weekly by collecting the compost output.

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